At a young age, Kaitlin learned the importance of movement for health and well-being. When she was fifteen, her dance teacher introduced her to yoga and she immediately fell in love. Kaitlin realized that yoga was more than just movement and she wanted to share this passion with others.

Kaitlin is a certified and versed Yoga and Pilates instructor. She holds certifications in Hatha Yoga (E-RYT200), Restorative Yoga, Pilates Level 1: Mat, Pilates Level 2: Reformer, and Pilates Level 3: Cadillac Chair Springboard & Barrels (pending). To date, Kaitlin has over 1450 hours of teaching experience and over 700 hours of training experience. She is eager to continue to expand her knowledge of anatomy, functional movement, and yoga philosophy.

Kaitlin enjoys guiding students through their practice by artfully sequencing movement and breath to enhance mind-body intuitiveness. She encourages her students to move in ways that feel good and to let their body be the guide.

Starting September 2019, Kaitlin will be embarking on a new journey as she attends Ryerson in the Midwifery education program. She is excited to spend the next couple of months teaching her last public and private classes across the GTA. Check her schedule for the most up-to-date class listings and reach out to her if you are interested working with Kaitlin 1:1.

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Yoga can be described as a practice of mindful movement that incorporates breath, gestures, and meditation. As a teacher, Kaitlin's goal is to empower her students to develop the skills and knowledge to know where they need to be, both physically and emotionally. She strives for her students to find a deeper sense of self and meaning within their personal practice. 




Pilates is a system of exercise preformed on a mat or on specialized equipment. The intent of the exercises is to enhance ones posture, body awareness, and overall quality of movement while increasing strength, balance, and flexibility. Kaitlin aims to educate her students on proper body mechanics to help them feel more supported, move with ease, and feel like their best self.



Cadillac Chair Springboard & Barrels



Kaitlin’s schedule is changing to exclusively private sessions at Revive Pilates for the months of July and August. Contact her to book your private session today!



Kaitlin taught me the importance of taking time for yourself. Her classes reward me with a sense of being rooted, clarity of the mind, and physical rejuvenation. Her individual approach finds everyone’s needs in practice whether it is to be challenged or to find a moment of peace. She is an uncommon gem and a warm spirited professional.
— Rustom P., Product Manager
After being a teacher for 60 years, it’s nice to be a student once again. Kaitlin’s Senior Chair Yoga classes are adaptive and challenging. She is caring, patient, and compassionate in her teachings and spends time after class getting to know everyone. It’s refreshing to get out and be in an environment with others similar to myself that keeps me both active and social.
— Jeroo T., Great Grandmother
Kaitlin’s passion and commitment to yoga shines through her practice as a transformative experience on the mat. Her knowledge in the teachings of yoga alongside her curiosity bring out a balanced blend of authenticity and a strong foundation.
— Rima T., MD, Reiki Master, RYT200
From my first class, Kaitlin went out of her way to understand my needs and make me feel comfortable. Now, almost a year later, Kaitlin’s classes continue to help me achieve my goals. She routinely interacts with her students, tailors her sessions to the different needs of people, and shares her wealth of knowledge both in posture and yoga teachings.
— Obinna O., Account Director
My personal learning and yoga practice with Kaitlin is very rewarding. Practicing with her over a year, I find her classes addictive! She takes sincere interest in every student and her kind, gentle, and attentive style creates a positive space. Each class sends me home feeling relaxed and void of any aches and pains.
— Lorraine G., Executive Assistant
Kaitlin’s yoga enriches me mentally and physically. She brings knowledge, passion, and devotion while providing individual attention making every class special. Having attended her classes for over a year, I continue to look forward to attending her class every week.
— Yvonne F., Yoga Enthusiast
Through my introduction and advancement in yoga, Kaitlin’s classes, depth of knowledge, and expertise helps me connect with myself and my practice. Anyone looking to deepen their practice, learn more about a certain style, or wishing to find joy and peace through yoga will benefit from Kaitlin’s talents.
— Eric B., Marketing Director


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